It’s a Grand thing!

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0010.JPGThe only thing a writer likes better than writing is being published.

I’m thrilled to announce that an article I wrote on sailing in Cape Breton is featured in the May/June 2018 issue of Grand magazine. Here’s a link to the story online:

Chris’s photography is awesome. What a difference a drone makes! This photo of us sailing in Bras d’Or Lake with our spinnaker up was our first attempt at “droning” while underway. Chris launched the drone from the aft deck without incident, then took some incredible footage while I kept an eye on the helm. Of course the wind began to gust and build as soon as the drone was in the air. Chris brought it back and tried to land it on the now lurching and rolling deck. No luck.

“You’re going to have to catch it,” he said.


“Just stand in the scupper, hang onto the handle on top of the bimini, and reach out as far as you can. I’ll bring it to you.”

All I could think of was the pitcher who had to leave a big game because his hand wouldn’t stop dripping blood–the result of a drone injury. I put on a leather glove.

In the end, it was easy to catch the drone, and now we have a new, smaller drone that will be even easier to catch (don’t ask what happened to the first one….) So you can look forward to more great photography, here and in print.

Hope you enjoy the article. It’s some of our best work.

10 thoughts on “It’s a Grand thing!

  1. Linda, congrats on the magazine article. As usual, you have such a way of taking me alongside you, seeing through your eyes all that enchants, worries and teaches you. And, OMG, those photos! I loved Bras D’Or Lakes when I visited the Rock, though I didn’t get to sail on that beautiful body of water, thanks for the trip!

    Still missing you in book club. Are you reading voraciously these days, now that you are on land again? Paulette’s book, ‘Americanah’ is an extraordinary read.

    All the best,



    1. I agree with Marie………..I feel like I am on the journey with you as I read your magical words. Enchanting indeed! There is such joy and passion in your writing and your experiences. I am so happy for BOTH of you! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us all! xo


      1. So glad to have you following our journey, Linda. And thanks for your kind words about my writing.


    2. So glad you enjoyed the article. I do have lots of time to read when we’re sailing. Always looking for suggestions. Thanks for the recommendation!


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