A good day to stay inside

So the Canada Geese huddled in the shelter of the harbour here yesterday morning were half right. We did get a storm, but not as much snow as I had feared. And the wind is more north than northwest, so it’s pinning us against the dock, the fenders squealing in protest.

Bica and I had a very short walk this morning—we went only as far as the end of the quay, staying in the shelter of the marina building as much as possible. The snow has stopped but the temperature has plummeted—it’s minus 10 this morning, but with the wind chill, it feels like minus 20. My cheeks were frozen by the time we got back.

16--Safety ladder

Despite the cold, I shovelled the dock in front of the boat, being extra careful to clear the safety ladder. If someone went in, I don’t know if they’d be able to get to the ladder. The shock of the cold water, they say, stops your heart. May I never find out.

Back inside now, warm again, just made myself a cup of coffee. The sun has found its way through a break in the clouds and is streaming in through the portholes, picking out the pot of purple hyacinths above the sink, the jars of coffee and tea on the shelf behind the stove, the oven… Hmm…sun should never shine directly into an oven.

16--HyacinthsI could, I suppose, clean the oven. I should make an attempt to straighten out the V-berth. My niece is coming to stay with us for a couple of nights next week—I don’t think she’d appreciate sleeping with our shower bags and the laundry basket and our new heat exchanger and a pile of books I must figure out how to get rid of.

Maybe after I’ve finished my coffee. Wouldn’t want it to get cold.

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