The Toronto Boat Show

We’re back in Ontario now, just in time for a major “weather event,” as they’re now called. But we’re going to be spending the weekend at the Toronto International Boat Show, so it really doesn’t matter what it’s like outside.

It’s been a lot of fun getting ready for our presentation. A big part of the preparation involved going through all our photos and videos (we forgot we’d taken a few videos) of our ocean crossing. It was like making the journey all over again. Including getting seasick as we watched videos of some of the big seas. Did we really sail in that??


This is one of my favourite shots—Chris having a big nap after diving under the boat for half an hour with a pair of bolt cutters in order to remove a huge ball of rope from the prop. That little episode ended better than it could have. The ball of rope had attracted a little school of fish, and where there are little fish, there are bigger fish, and where there are bigger fish… there are sharks. Luckily Chris managed to free the prop before they got wind of the free lunch.


Here’s what making landfall looked like just after the second gale—that’s right, there were two of them.


And this is what we looked like.

image 2

image 6

Come to the boat show if you can, and see the whole presentation. You’ll find times for our presentations on the events page of this site. It would be great to see some familiar faces in the audience.

And we’re not showing videos of big seas, so you don’t have to worry about throwing up.

6 thoughts on “Showtime!

  1. Ironically I just read the prop, net, passage in your book yesterday.
    Enjoying it, Linda. Say hello to Chris for us, in case he forgets who we are.
    RnC – Chatham


    1. Oh don’t worry–he remembers who you are! So now you know what the ball of rope looked like. What was that doing out there???


  2. Would love to come to your presentation, but the weather is just too good here in Arizona.

    Best of luck with your presentations. Say hi to Chris.

    Ron and Linda


    1. Will do. You’re smart to stay where the weather is nice. It’s pretty nasty here. Bet you don’t miss Toronto weather in January.


  3. We’re hunkered down for a major weather event, ourselves. Sorry we can’t be there to share your time in the spotlight! See you soon in the sunny south.


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