From the road to the writing desk

On Wednesday, May 27th at 7pm I’ll be taking part in my first Facebook Live event. My publisher, Signature Editions, has pulled together a panel of writers to talk about our very different approaches to writing about travel. Genni Gunn, Denise Roig and I will talk about why we travel in the first place, how we go about deciding what to use and what to discard, and how we choose the best genre for our stories. Fiction? Personal essays? Memoir?

Plus you’ll get to watch my brand-new book trailer!

I do hope you’ll join us. Here’s the link to the event:

From the road to the writing desk

2 thoughts on “From the road to the writing desk

  1. I love the new trailer! If I get off work early enough, I’ll be watching. Will it be something I can watch later?


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